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Superb Exterior Home Improvements Services in Chapel Hill, NC

Straight-Up Home Improvements offers an unparalleled blend of craftsmanship and aesthetic understanding to elevate your home’s exterior. Our commitment to enhancing curb appeal through high-quality exterior home improvement services in Chapel Hill, NC, ensures your home not only stands out but does so with elegance and durability. 

Custom Deck Construction for Unmatched Outdoor Living


Transform your backyard into an extension of your indoor living space with our custom deck solutions. We cater to your preferences in material, design, stains, seals, and railings, creating an outdoor area that’s both functional and a reflection of your personal style. 

Pre-Construction Transparency

Prior to construction, we provide detailed illustrations of your envisioned deck. This step ensures you have a clear understanding of the project, guaranteeing satisfaction with your investment. 

Roofing & Siding: The Cornerstones of Exterior Durability

Comprehensive Roofing Services

Asphalt Shingle and Metal Roof installations

Protect your home with our variety of roofing options, making sure it’s safe from the elements. 

Systematic Replacement and Repair

Whether it’s a minor fix or a full-roof replacement, our experts ensure a seamless upgrade, leaving no debris behind. 

Versatile Siding Options

Aesthetic and Functional Upgrades

From vinyl and cedar to Hardi Board siding, we offer a wide array of siding installations and repairs that safeguard your home while boosting its visual appeal. 

Trim and Accent Enhancements

Upgrade your home’s exterior with our custom trim services, including base, crown molding, and specialized door and window trims. These add elegance and character to your property’s overall look. 

Eradicate Dry Rot for a Healthy Home Foundation

Don’t let dry rot compromise your home’s integrity. Our targeted repairs for fascia, corner boards, and soffits ensure your home remains structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. 

Windows & Doors

Gateways to Style and Security

Elevate your home’s value and visual appeal with our diverse range of windows and doors. Tailored to enhance both the interior and exterior perspectives, we ensure a smooth door and gate installation process, including the thorough removal of any residual debris and garbage.  

Straight-Up Home Improvements is your ideal partner for transforming the exterior of your home into a beacon of beauty and resilience. Contact us to request an estimate and embark on the journey to a more inviting and durable home exterior.